Sound Healing Therapy Treatment with Anandbhairavi Raga

Music is an integral part of spirituality and the essence of one’s wellbeing, both of the body and of the soul. Music is like the ever-flowing Ganges that flows down from the Gangotri Glacier, continually and harmoniously calming the many adverse passions of the human mind bringing down worries and allowing the flow of rhythm in one’s soul and mind flow with grace and peace. Music has been a part of the world since the world had ever had beings living and swarming on the earth.

From the music made by drops of water dripping on leaves, the waves of the seas, the cry of the deer, the buzzing of the bees and the flowing of the fountain waters to the first of the chants ever chanted, music has always existed.

Music in itself is so sacred that some of the major Religions such as Hinduism and Christianity have called ‘Shabda’ or Sound or Word to be God Himself. Since ancient times, India and other nations have always used music to cure several types of infirmities, irrespective of them being physical or spiritual. Here, in this write up; let us see how one of the greatest forms of Hindustani classical music such as Raga Ananda Bhairavi helps in recovering from postoperative pain through sound healing Therapy treatment.

Role of Anandbhairavi Raga on Health Issues During Sound Healing Therapy

Recently, research by the Indian Journal of Surgery stated that the Raga Anandabhairavi helps in sound therapeutic healing treatment for post-operative pains. The head surgeon of this research, based in Coimbatore, Mr. Satish Kumar has stated that Anandabhairavi raga is able to bring down blood pressure, as “was established in some earlier studies.” Further, he states several pieces of music based on this raga were played to patients suffering from the post-operation pain was brought low.  

To add on, Pandit Roop Verma, a world famous sitarist states “The human body is like a musical instrument, expressing numerous frequencies and rhythms in a constantly changing spectrum of life. It responds and resonates in consonance with music, sounds, speech and thought from the environment, and undergoes changes of heartbeat, breathing, blood chemistry and circulation of energy in various energy centers (Chakras) of the body.”

Apart from post-operative pains, Anandbhairavi helps in healing hypertension, back pains and some other diseases and also works well with issues concerning depression and other psychological problems.

The supremacy of Anandabhairavi Raga has also been felt when played upon those suffering from Blood Pressure. This is felt when blood pressure was brought low as had been stated in plenty of researches.

However, there are many other ragas that help in the sound curative healing treatment.

Sound Healing Treatment: Other Ragas That Cure Health Issues 

Some of these Ragas and their therapeutic values are given here below:

  • Asavari raga helps in building self-assurance and must be heard in the Morning
  • Bageshri Raga on the cures sleeplessness must be heard in the Night
  • Bhairavi Raga is capable of curing Tuberculosis, Cancer, harsh Cold and more. 
  • Kharahara Priya Raga reinforces the mind and then comforts you in times of tension.
  • Ragas such as Darbari-Kanhara and Jayjaywanti as well as Sohan helps in curing headache.

Concluding Lines…

Music by nature, aids in creating a positive vibe in one’s surroundings. This has been confirmed by several different studies. These studies further show how ragas such as Anandbhairavi helps in several treatments of diseases. Are you looking for advice concerning sound healing Therapy treatment? Then, Art of Healing could be your guide and help you concerning the same which is located in the heart of Maharashtra, India