How imperative it is to have fire resistant cables in smart cities?

Smart cities are the future of mankind. But what exactly do we mean by “smart”? It is the ability of the devices to monitor and control the optimal performance-to-energy efficiency ratio, in order to provide you with real-time insights like, how the power is being transmitted, water usage, accessibility, etc. Power monitors, connected surge protectors, water tank fill alarms, voice controlled switches and thermostats, all of these contribute to what we call a “smart ecosystem”. Conditional algorithms are taken help of, in order to achieve maximum accessibility and efficiency. All of the devices used to achieve this have to be very efficient themselves, so that they do not cause any power loss themselves.

How imperative it is to have fire resistant cables in smart cities?

Now, the question is, how are wires helping in this scenario? Now wires can’t be smart, can they? They cannot tell you how much power they consume, but the devices they are connected to, can. So, you may be wondering, wires can’t be helpful in making a city “smart”, right? Well, reliability cannot be always dependent on the devices. What if the temperature monitor fails to report a hike in the system? That is where products like Flame retardant wires come to the rescue. They are designed with a majority prospectus of safety attached to them. So even if the system fails, you can be assured that the wires can handle the surge and not let it spread. Hence, we can say that products like FR cables, can provide a rigid backbone to the Smart City Architecture.

Now there is a slight confusion in this segment, FR cables are of two typesFlame Retardant Cables and Flame Retardant Cables. While their names may seem that they’re the same type of wires, but in reality they are two very different cables.

Flame Retardant Cables have a specific function - to resist the spread of fire. When a fire breaks out, these wires are not expected to function during the fire, but what they do is prevent the spread of the lit area but restraining the combustion.

Fire Rated Cables are the ones which are designed to keep operating even under extreme temperatures and even fire. These are mostly used in situations where power delivery is required in emergency situations, or the equipment used for evacuation process when a fire breaks out in a building. Not only this, these can be used in areas like emergency lights, fire alarm systems, public announcement systems and service lifts.

In India, the use of such cables is very limited due to lack of awareness among people. Now companies like Prime Cable Industries, have a wide range of FR cables, both Flame Retardant Cables and Fire Rated Cables, and they have been core suppliers for various prestigious Government Divisions like BHEL, GAIL, MAHA Genco, etc. They have a commendable track record of on-time delivery and excellent reliability, and that is what makes them perfect for the upcoming “smart-city” infrastructure. Established in 1997, PrimeCab has been on the rise ever since. So if you’re looking for a future proof solution that is compatible with the upcoming standards for SMart and connected infrastructure, look no further.

New cables may not work like ‘new’ for long! New wires have different specifications, from different manufacturers and are designed to work in quite different scenarios. For example, manufacturers like Prime Cable Industries Pvt. Ltd. produce wires of exceptional quality, but if you install a low tension wire in a place where high tension is required, the damage can’t be blamed on the brand. It is the fault of the installation that causes such wires to lose life almost immediately after their installation.


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