Benefits of Studying at Integrated Science Schools in India

This concept of integrated science schools although new in India has been widely accepted and run in abroad. A lot of students who wish to excel in the field of medical science or engineering science are opting for such integrated schools.

Benefits of Studying at Integrated Science Schools in India

  • One important aspect of integrated science schools is that the courses are taught in an ensemble format. Therefore, you get to see a clear bigger picture. You will understand some chosen important topics in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology that has some or the other impact on another. Therefore, you will understand why you are learning a particular topic. Generally, in other general higher secondary courses, each topic is taught separately. Sometimes, due to such teaching procedures, a student fails to understand the logic behind a topic.

  • In integrated schools, due to the course curriculum, a teacher gets more flexibility and more time to finish the syllabus. In a general plus two schools, a teacher always remains under the compulsion of finishing the syllabus. Sometimes a lot of unnecessary topics have to be covered as the syllabus dictates the completion of such topics within time. It may so happen that to a student such topics appear to be farfetched or useless. The teacher also doesn’t get enough to interact one on one with the student and describe the topic in details. In integrated science schools, such loopholes are avoided. Here the significance of the topic is stressed more than the ability to cover a topic.

  • The students of integrated science schools as mentioned earlier get coaching for medical or engineering entrance examinations. In most of the general higher secondary schools, this facility is not provided. Therefore, a student has to look for such coaching separately. This involves wastage of time. Sometimes a student cannot study in a particular JEE coaching institute as the time of the classes clashes with their regular schools. Integrated science schools can remove this problem. Therefore, a student can learn more, understand more and that too in lesser time.

How does a student enroll in an integrated science school?

At Integrated Science Schools you will study the plus two courses, in a different style than regular schools. Of course, in order to be eligible for an integrated science school, you must have a decent score in your in 10th standard board examination. There are quite a few integrated schools in India. To be eligible for this integrated school, you require a minimum of 80% marks in your higher secondary.

What happens after you take admission in the integrated science school?

Once you take the admission in an integrated science school in India, you will feel the vast difference between your regular school till class 10 and these types of schools. If you have taken admission in an integrated science school in India, then you will be able to get extra coaching classes for the joint entrance examinations. Since you join the integrated school you need not worry about the class schedules and time management at all. The class schedules are adjusted keeping the timings of the classes of the integrated school. You can enroll for the coaching classes of both medical and engineering science, ie, if you wish to sit for the JEE examination of both streams. However, one word of advice here would be to consult with your seniors and focus only on one stream. If you focus on both and your higher secondary course, then things might get a little bit complicated. Instead, take advice from your seniors, your parents and also introspect yourself as to which stream can offer your dream career.

In the future, it is expected that more and more integrated science schools will be established. The education pattern needs to be such that the students are never encouraged to mug up. Integrated science schools focus more on practical approach than theoretical discussions. Therefore, a student can quench his or her thirst for knowledge and exploit his or her capabilities in the highest form. Such students can understand the basic concepts underlying the topics covered in the syllabus. If the concept is clear, then any entrance examination could be completed with success. Alpha Entrance Academy is the best integrated science school in Kerala. This will help make students ready for anything in the future and they can create a better scientific and technological society.