How to Take Care of the Venetian Blinds Leeds | Blind Leeds

Venetian blinds in Leeds have adjustable slats that allow you to control the light and also enhance the curb appeal of the room. These are the two main features that make them desirable to get them fitted. However, as they are installed at the exterior of the house, they can get dirty easily and hence require proper cleaning and maintenance which makes it a tedious task.

But not to worry, in this article, we can go to list few care tips for the blinds and you can do it yourself easily.

Care Tips For The Venetian Blinds

These are used mostly both in house and office, as they provide an appealing look. However, the look can only be maintained if they are cleaned properly. These blinds have to go through the dirty and pollution daily, and the dust can easily get accumulated between the slats. If you touch them, you will feel sticky and greasy.

So now comes the main point, how you will clean them and below are the few quick ways to clean your blinds.

1. Remove the blinds

In the initial step, you have to detach the blinds from the brackets. For this, you can use the ladder to reach that point.

2. Get a bathtub and fill hot water

With the bathtub, you can easily wash the blinds. To do this, you have to fill the bathtub to 5 inches with the hot water. 

3. Add the detergent

The blinds will be greasy and dirty and they don’t get removed easily. For this, you will need a detergent or bleaching agent to clean. So choose the one that suits you. 

4. Put them into the detergent-water mixture

Now, after you have prepared the mixture of detergent and water, now it is the time to keep them in the water to let the detergent work its magic. And then wash the slats one by one.

5. Brush them up

Once you have kept them soaked for at least 2 hours in the water, then take a brush and brush them up. This will make the cleaning smooth and easy. All the dirt will get loosen up and they will be squeaky clean. But you need to wash the slats one by one.

6. Rinse with clean water

After you are done with the soaking and rubbing you need to change the dirty water now. This will be the final step of rinsing and you will get shiny blinds in your hands.

7. Dry them under the sun

Once the cleaning is done, let them dry for an hour or two and after that use them. You will get the newer version of them.

Apart from these cleaning methods, there are several other methods that a individual can learn about from the experts they are buying. Also, the person needs to ensure that the company you have approached for buying the blinds is both certified and have high-quality products at their company.

Handy accessories

You can also work with the steam cleaning that requires additional accessories like brushes and towels. Those steam cleaning machines that have triangular brushes and towel attachments are the best for cleaning blinds. 

Some of the brands also offer squeegee tools along with industrial vapor steam cleaners as optional components. You will get to pay more if you want to get this tool along with the machine. However, the professional company provides all the essential accessories with their industrial vapor steam cleaners. 

It is better that you conduct the proper research and, then buy the best machine that meets all your requirements and applications, and you don’t waste your money.