Know About The Most Important Car Parts

Are you passionate about cars and like to drive it by yourself? Then you need to understand its parts firstly. The knowledge of certain parts helps you to fix the minor issues of the car yourself without any help. The proper knowledge about the car can help you to drive safely. You can also understand whether your car needs any replacement or not as well. So, to drive a car confidently, understand the car parts in detail.

1. Battery – The most important part of the car is its battery. It allows the car to start and plays a crucial role in its other functions as well. Though different models of the cars have several types of cells and installation process in most cases, this takes place under the hood of the car and is easy to recognize. It has positive and negative signs on it. The battery is rechargeable and supplies power to the vehicle. The battery helps in the application of the Starting, Lighting, and Ignition or the SLI. You need to keep in mind that you should not keep the car unused for a long period. It can damage the cell.

2. Brakes – Brakes are one of the most essential car parts. It helps you to stop your car whenever needed. There are numerous different parts of a break, including brake pedal along with the caliper, light switch, pad, and rotor. Brake calipers are located behind the wheels but in the front of the car or the rear of the car. Pads are also present behind the wheels and at times when you hear your brakes creaking, it is the padding which needs to be replaced. The padding usually gets worn down and thus needs to be changed. Every time when you apply the brakes, the rotor is exposed to a large amount of heat. It is located amidst the parts as mentioned above and thus needs proper care to keep the brakes in a fully functional form.  Other than this, there are two different kinds of brakes. One is the normal brake which stops the car and the other is an emergency brake system. It works without any form of dependence on the driver.

3. Axle – the car part which transfers power from the engine to the wheels is an axle. It is a vital part since it allows the driver to impose brakes, move or shift the car. One of the axles joins the wheel in the front and the other axle connects the other two wheels at the back of the car. It thus allows the entire car to be in sync. The working of the axle deteriorates as and when more weight is applied on the car. The worst thing to happen to the brake is the application of rust. As it is a metal, rust is a very common factor.

4. Radiator – A radiator is located under the hood of the car. It is placed near the engine as it helps in cooling it down. An engine gets heated up after it starts functioning. An overheated engine may cause a blast. An over-heated engine may cause an accident. To avoid that, a radiator helps in cooling down the unit with the help of coolant present in it.

Car Parts

Thus, these were the four most important of car parts which one should be aware of. Ensuring regular checks of these parts will enhance the longevity of the car and will help to keep the car in good condition. But if you get trouble with any of these parts you should take advice from professional personnel.


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