2020 And The Future of Packaging Industry

From effective displays for the products on the market shelves to assurance of protection while the storage and shipping phase, custom packaging is one of the most effective solutions for catering to all the needs. These boxes can be widely customized in both size and shape, and the printing also has promotional potentials for the effective promotion of a brand.

The need

The packaging style of any product is the basic medium for it to remain safe from any sort of damage and contamination entering the item. It is also considered the initial communicator for the brand to convey their message to the consumers. Traditionally used packaging designs were not effective enough in the processes due to the fact that they followed a basic template that was used for packaging every item. The use of custom boxes has brought a revolution in the industry as they provide the utility of personalizing the boxes in accordance with the exact dimensions and requirements of individual products.

Custom printed boxes have simply innovated the packaging world due to their unique characteristics; they are manufactured with high-quality materials that are both highly functional and customizable. They not only provide a dynamic level of protection to the packaged products but also ensure an effective presentation in front of the consumers. There are a number of reasons behind the hype created by custom packaging boxes, and the hype is not going to decline soon.

Reasons behind the Hype

The use of printed packaging boxes is now common in the industry, from small vendors to big brands and enterprises, everyone is using customized packaging designs. The consumers are also now inclined towards the custom boxes. According to Forbes, the majority of consumers prefer buying from the brands who use custom cardboard boxes in their packaging designs, 60 to 80 percent, to be exact. Another research conducted by Dotcom Distributor shows that 2.61 percent of consumers prefer to retain a business that uses unique packaging designs that are luxurious in nature. A study by Ipsos market research company states that 1.72 percent majority of American consumers say that their purchase decision is based on visuals of color box packaging.

Packaging Industry in 2020

Printing and packaging companies are expected to grow in the year 2020 due to the increased demand for the packaging and wide usage of the style in the industrial and domestic sectors. There are certain trends and the factors which are the basic contributors to the elevated demand of carton boxes. The inclination of the consumers towards more appealing custom packaging and the elevated living conditions of the average consumers are said to be the basic reasons which can influence this hype. Moreover, the change in consumer behavior in order to enhance the use of sustainable packaging is also one of the factors which are strengthening the demand for custom made shipping boxes in the year 2020.

The Design

One another reason for the elevated demand for such packaging is the design of boxes itself. It is a basic fact that every product requires a different level of protection, and it is essential in order to ensure the protection and sales of that such a specific product. Packaging design templates of these boxes is not bound as it can be customized in accordance with the needs of any product. The production material of these boxes is also card stock, which is highly functional due to sturdy nature and can be used for packaging a number of different products due to versatile nature. Custom packaging companies are also coming up with new and innovative designs that can help marketers in the effective promotion of their brand.

Technology that can help

The hype has already increased the demand for this packaging style, and it is becoming essential for product packaging design companies to adopt new technology in order to cope with the demand. There are a number of new technologies in the market that can help packaging box manufacturers to bring innovation in the production phases in order to reduce the lead time required for processing bulk orders. They can make use of die-cutting rather than traditional machine cutting for ensuring clean and fast processing. Digital printing techniques can be promoted in order to reduce the time required and elevate the quality of printing. Flexography can be used to ensure the quality in order to provide the consumers with an optimal level of experience while using the packaging design.