Read the Quran online

Read the Quran online

A very basic course for learning to read the Noble Qur’an with appropriate intonation here in the Quran teacher. Students who cannot determine the Quranic alphabets will be taught the ways they will learn with accuracy and speed. Upon completing this course, you will find yourself reading the Quran with amazing intonation and accent. In addition, basic Islamic education will be provided such as supplications, prayers, six words, etc. Understanding Arabic Letters The correct pronunciation of Arabic Letters. Understanding short vowels. Understanding of long vowels. Understand the rules of reading the Quran online with the rules of intonation. - (100%) Nurani Al Qaeda learn - (100%) basic Islamic studies such as prayer, 6 words, etc ... - (100%) correct pronunciation of the Arabic letter - (100%) understand everything - (100%)

Reading the Qur’an is easy now This course is specially designed for those new to the areas of Islamic knowledge. Students enrolled in this online course are given close attention by teachers with excellent communication skills and leadership in this topic to guide them successfully step by step into an endless ocean path of knowledge. It is important that you start reading the Qur’an from the basic level if you do not know how to read the Qur’an because it will correct all basic words from Arabic letters and understand the basic rules of intonation. You will start from the Noorani Al-Qaeda that will make you able to understand Arabic words and issue sentences. It is a very comprehensive book. You will be able to read the Qur’an after completing it if you have fully done so.

Recitation of the Holy Quran on the Internet

This online course is designed for those who already know how to read the Quran but are eager to know the hidden meanings in an unknown language. If you do not know how to read the Qur’an, you should take a course on reciting the Noble Qur’an with intonation first before moving on to this. The most inspiring and wonderful aspect of this course is learning in a way that follows every word and its meaning that leads to the collective translation of each verse. Famous Muslim scholars devised this method to help students understand the Noble Qur’an in the language chosen by God Almighty. No matter what your mother tongue is, once you sign up for this course and start learning, you will gradually be happy to find yourself actually understanding what you've read throughout your life but you have no idea how to translate it without the help of a translation guide.

Divine Hadith for your knowledge only:

On the authority of Abu Hurairah (may God be pleased with him) from the Prophet (), who said:

The prayer performed by a person who did not recite the essence of the Qur’an (1) during it is incomplete (and repeated the word three times), incomplete. One of them said to Abu Hurairah: [Although we are] behind the imam? (2) He said: Read this on yourself because I heard the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, saying: God Almighty and have mercy on him, said: I have divided the prayer between Myself and My servant into two halves, and my servant will have what he asked. When the servant says: Al-Hamid Al-Lahi, Rabbi of Al-Amin (3), and God (al-Qadeer and Sami) are: My servant praised me. And when he says: Al-Rahmani Rahim (4), and Allah (Qadeer and Sami is) says: My servant has praised me, and when he says: Al-Maliki is my day, Dade (5), God Almighty said: He has glorified me - and on one occasion he said: My servant has submitted to my authority. And when he says: Iyyaka na budu wa iyyaka nasta in (6), he says: This is between me and my servants, and my servant will have what he asked. And when he says: “Give us the straight pirate,” “The second lattice”, “The Nation of the Imams,” “Gadir,” “The Magdoubi,” “The Al-Ahim” and “Dalin” (7). He says: “This is for my servant. His request. ". (1) Surah Al-Fatihah, the first chapter (chapter) of the Qur’an. (2) That is, standing behind the Imam (leader) while he listens to him as he recites al-Fatiha. (3) "Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds." (4) “The Most Merciful.” (5) "The Lord of the Day of Judgment." (6) “You are your worship and you are asking for help.” (7) “Guide us to the straight path, the path of those whom you have bestowed on their behalf, not those of whom you are angry, nor are those who err.” He was associated with the Muslim (also by Malik, Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud, al-Nasa’i, and Ibn Majah).

Learn Quran Academy provides learners with a recitation accompanied by the method of intonation of the Holy Qur’an in the chapters of the Qur’an directly online with teachers with experience in the Qur’an. Learning the Qur'an online with the rules of intonation Learning the Qur’an online with teaching the Qur’an, which has been providing Quran education services on the Internet since 2007 equally suitable for children and adults. Educational courses include learning the Qur’an with the rules of intonation, reading the Qur’an and memorizing the Qur’an with the teacher of the Qur’an online. Join free Quran lessons

How to memorize the Holy Quran on the Internet?

Memorizing the Noble Qur’an means simply learning it by heart. It is one of the miracles of the Noble Qur’an which is the only book in the world that can be memorized with a word even by children from a very early age. In the time of the Noble Prophet (may God bless him and grant him peace), the practice of things for the purpose of storing them was not usually practiced, and then people used to memorize whatever knowledge they wanted to preserve. Even today, when memorization issues are no longer a difficult aspect because of advanced technology, memorizing the Holy Qur’an is still an honor that God bestows upon those who choose. While he is in the hand of God who chose him as a safeguard for his Bible, we are here to provide you with the guidance and help you need to achieve this sacred honor.

Qudsi Hadith:

On the authority of Abu Hurairah (may God be pleased with him), who said that the Messenger of God () said:

God Almighty said: I have prepared my righteous game if the eye does not see it and you do not hear any ears, and it does not happen to the human heart. This is how I read if you wish (1): and no soul knows what joy that remains for them (the inhabitants of Paradise) has been hidden (Qur'an, Chapter 32, Verse 17). (1) The phrase "this is how I read if desired" is the words of Abu Hurairah. It was related to Al-Bukhari, Muslim, Al-Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah.

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Learn Quran Academy provides very easy and authentic online ways so that anyone of any age group and educational background can learn the Quran online and take advantage of the opportunity easily