Best Used Suzuki Cars in Pakistan

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Best Used Suzuki Cars in Pakistan 

Suzuki is one of the top car manufacturing companies in the world and it deserves the spot because Suzuki offers cars have low maintenance and running costs, high fuel efficiency and reliability. Also, the spare parts are readily and easily accessible due to a large number of spare parts dealers. Find good condition used Suzuki cars for sale in Pakistan.  A list of top used Suzuki cars is given below.

  1. Suzuki Jimny New

The all-new Jimny is known for its adorable design which is desired by many and tons of equipment. From the appearance, it looks like a flat-roofed vehicle with a retro styled body. It has a robust petrol engine of 1.5 litre. With the feature of hill descent control, it's an off-road power car which drives effortlessly through mud, hills and deep water. Many have claimed that the Jimny outperforms other off-roader cars which even cost a lot more in facing challenging obstacles on off-road courses. Moreover, the short body length is the reason why the vehicle has accurate departure angles to go on steep hills. However, Jimny is not so impressive on roads because of it's soft suspension that makes the passengers bounce. 

Interior of the car is tough and durable. The controls of the car which includes all switches and rotary controls are big and easy to use. Even the infotainment screen is easy to operate. The dials on the instrument panel can be read easily and there is a digital information panel between the dials that show important information such as speed and fuel economy. The rear seats can be folded in a 50/50 split and the front seats can be shifted to a horizontal plane to make a bed for comfort.

The Jimny has a warranty of 3 years. 

  1. Suzuki Hustler

This is a compact crossover car for people who have an active life. It is a combination of advantages of small sized Kei cars and urban crossovers. The main features of the vehicle include big sized black alloy wheels, a passive safety system, metal bottom protection, roof rails, transformation seats and a mini SUV design. It has a gasoline engine of 660 cc with the choice of either turbo or atmospheric and a CVT transmission. 

The car is a classic due to an excellent ground clearance, a contrasting black roof, protection given to headlights and aluminum skid plate and colorful graphics on good and bumpers. With the help of Dual Camera Brake Support system, the car warns the driver about any obstacles present on the road. Moreover, the information from the rearview camera is shown on the convenient display. From the looks, Hustler looks quite similar to the Jimny but it is not an off-roader car. 

The interior of the car is small but is packed with ample features to enjoy the outdoor activities. For example, the seats can be folded conveniently in order to make room for camping equipment and even snowboards. The cleaning up of the car after activities is extremely easy due to plastic flooring instead of carpet and the rear seats are covered with vinyl that can be wiped. 

  1. Suzuki Alto Japanese

This car was manufactured to replace the classic Suzuki Mehran. Suzuki Alto was the first car with 660 cc engine which was produced locally in Pakistan due to which it was extremely anticipated. This car is available in 3 variants and has a long warranty of 3 years. It is available in 7 different bright colors.

The headlights have an integrated indicator inside. The aerodynamic shape of the car provides maximum fuel efficiency. The boot space of the car is very aesthetic and has a lot of space unlike the other hatchbacks. Big luggage can be accommodated in the back and the seats can be folded forward as well. Suzuki Alto is equipped with a keyless entry and immobilizer key. The interior space has the dashboard of a combination of dark and light grey. Overall the car has a futuristic design and an engine of new technology. It is definitely worth buying.

  1. Suzuki Liana

Liana is an unbelievably reliable car which gives excellent performance at a very cheap price. It comes with ABS, electric windows, door locks and wiper linkage. The 1600 cc engine is capable of gathering speed at the required times. There is plenty of head and legroom. The boot area is huge too. It's basically a great roomy family car.

  1. Suzuki Swift 

Swift is a Japanese supermini car with an energetic drive. It has smart looks, huge interior space and high fuel efficiency. It is decently styled and packed with intelligent features.

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