Eight Things To Keep in Mind Before Buying a Wallet


For women and women alike, a wallet is an essential accessory. We carry everything in them, from money and IDs to photos and receipts. Undoubtedly, wallets are very handy items but we also like them for being fashionable and stylish.

If you are thinking of changing your wallet or adding one more to your collection, you should consider these eight critical things.


# 1 The purpose


First of all you, you have to decide what you need it for. If you have a clear idea of how you are going to use it, it will be easier to find the right one. Many universal models suit any purpose thanks to featuring numerous slots, compartments, and pockets. At the same time, you may opt for ‘specialized’ wallets – for coins, credit cards, or bills only.


# 2 Material quality


Another important aspect to keep in mind is the material a wallet is constructed from and it's quality. The classic option is, of course, leather. But even leather can be different – full-grain, top-grain, split-grain leathers… cowhide, calfskin, crocodile, ostrich, stingray… the range of possible options is mind-blowing. Add artificial materials to the mix and canvases and the wealth of choice becomes beyond your wildest dreams. One thing is for sure – if you want something durable and timeless, genuine leather must be involved. Unfortunately, no other materials can compete with leather in sturdiness.


# 3 The style


If you decide on the design beforehand, you’ll cope with shopping faster and easier. Slick minimalistic models are an evergreen classic. If you pick among ‘standard’ colors, you can easily match your wallet with your purse, accessories, and outfits. Want to complement your look with something bold and flamboyant? No problem, biker wallets for men and women have been in vogue for quite some time. Besides being so durable, they deliver dashing appearance thanks to leather appliqués, studs, and original clasps. Check biker wallet collection crafted from cowhide and exotic leather to see how cool and refreshing biker accessories are.

Also, think where or how you are going to carry it – if, in a pocket, you’ll need something slim and compact. If in a bag, you can go for any size and design but we recommend long wallets because they will keep your bills neat and smooth.


# 4 The price


One of the most sensitive matters is the price. If you don’t want to overspend, it’s good if you define a budget for a wallet beforehand and stick to it while rummaging through available options. This way, you’ll be able to segment the assortment and save a lot of time.

If you don't set any limit on money to spend, then you can indulge yourself with something chic, plush, and polished. Vice versa, if you are short on money, you can try and find some options on e-Bay or in thrift shops – many people managed to find vintage designer stuff for $10-20!


# 5 The size


Once you have defined the style and purpose the next step is to settle on the size. If you usually put a lot of stuff inside, you may consider a long wallet with the roomy exterior. They tend to have numerous slots and pockets to accommodate your essentials in a neat fashion. The opposite trend is bi- and tri-folds that won’t take up much space in your purse or pocket. You’ll have to sacrifice some storage space but in the end, compactness and convenience are worth it.


# 6 The color


There are a few strategies you may resort to when it comes to the matter of color. Each year Pantone comes up with the color of the year. In 2020, it is Classic Blue. To be on-trend, choose colors that Panton recommends. On the other hand, you should be ready to replace your wallet with a new, trendy one, every year.

Another path you can take is classic colors. Black, grey, and brown are always around, they will never be regarded as outdated. Their obvious benefit, besides being timeless, is versatility. They go well with any, even the craziest, colors.

Finally, if you have a favorite color, you can simply go with it. After all, it defines your personality, so do your accessories.


# 7 The trends


When choosing a wallet, you should clearly set your priorities: whether it is something classic that does not go out of style or an original and fashion-forward item. Of course, some models let you kill two birds with one stone (no birds were harmed in making this post) but a lot of things must concur: trendy color, design, size, etc.


# 8 Compatibility with your wardrobe


Wallets are normally lying low in our bags until we get them into the light. A green wallet and red attire may make a splash but not in the way you'd want to. Therefore, keep in mind color compatibility. Also, which style predominates in your wardrobe – classic, casual, or maybe punk-rock? Your wallet must mirror it, too. A dashing biker bi-fold with a classy office suit will look a little out of place.