How to Match a Tie With a Blue Shirt

How to match their shirts and ties

When it comes to the shirt and tie, there are many choices of colors, designs and fabrics to choose from. The final decision depends on several factors:

• Different occasions and moments of the day

• Your taste

• The rules of combination of colors and patterns

As for colors, the color wheel can help you decide what the right pairings are.

How can you help the color wheel Color Matching skills

We're back in art class with an honorable mention of the color wheel, but this time we are using to help us with our eyes. The wheel is a circle on the basis of the three primary colors: red, yellow and blue. These colors are primary because they can be formed by any combination of other colors. In contrast, secondary colors (green, orange and purple) come from the union of the primary colors. Here are some tertiary colors. These are the result of mixing primary and secondary colors.

It sounds a bit confusing, but you do not need to know the details of the color wheel in order to benefit from it. The main thing to know is that combinations that work best are those that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel.

Thus, for example, red and green are opposite each other, and so combining them creates a kind of balance. Now, unless you want to look like a Christmas tree, not necessarily recommend this particular combination, but the idea remains the same, and output to the color wheel from time to time can help you find the colors complementary to work.

How to match a tie with a blue shirt

Blue shirt is a versatile piece with different shades of blue to suit any style and complexion. There are also several types of shirts: plain, patterned with different collars and fabrics. To choose what color tie goes with a blue shirt, you should take into account various elements, including the shades and tones. A shirt blue sky adapt well to a darker loop, where as a dark blue shirt could easily be complemented with a tie lighter tones.

• The simplest choice is to match a light blue shirt with a solid tie. The color of the tie should be darker than the shirt.

• To remain classic, best tie to choose when a light blue shirt solid is, is a dark blue. In fact, the Navy is perfect to combine with a pale blue shirt.

• If you want to consider a different what color tie with blue shirt, you can choose a red or burgundy tie.

• An orange tie can create a contrast to his blue shirt. It's a good combination, but is best suited for a less formal affair.

• A strong bond of mustard also contrasts the blue shirt and works well with it.

• A blue shirt looks good with a green bow. In fact, green and blue colors are similar.

• pale blue shirts are really stylish with a bow of the moon sailor.

• You can also decide to experiment with the texture (for example, match a blue shirt with a textured tie in shades of pale blue).

• A shirt blue can of course be combined with a patterned tie, such as polka dots, checks, stripes or paisley.

• The striped tie, for example, is an excellent combination for a blue shirt. The trick is to choose a striped pattern, where one of the stripes has a similar (or the same color) of the sleeve.

Anyway, if you are in doubt and what color tie to wear with a question shirt light blue, a darker blue is always the safest option.

Moreover, a study found that men who want a promotion must go to work with a light blue shirt with a dark blue tie. dark blue and light are elegant tones and people who use those colors at work make a better impression than others with different colors.

How to combine two different patterns

Of course, you not always have to match the solid color shirt with tie solid tones. You can also have more fun and try combining different patterns. Designer Tommy Hilfiger said "mix and match patterns can be a little more fun" and if you do it right it can really be. Pattern matching, creating contrasts and find ways to excel a team can help you stand out from the crowd, as well as elegant and creative aspect.

Matching two different media patterns that create a contrast, but it is important that the colors combined create a harmony together.

In order to match two different patterns, you can follow these two simple rules:

• If the patterns are of the same type, the size of the two must be different.

• If the patterns are different from each other, the size of the two should be quite similar

Some impressions go better together than others, and if you're dealing with an impression that is a little confusing in the eyes, as mole, then try not to pair it with another polka dot print. Similar impressions can work together, but it is important to work on this on a piece by piece basis. If something does not look right, trust your gut and change.

Blue checkered shirt

Blue plaid shirt - a classic design that has built up in many forms over the years and has become a shirt slightly controversial because of it. Depending on the scale of the controls and of course, how to dress up, you can create different styles that can suit a variety of events. Smaller, more concise checks are best for formal affairs, the larger, more open checks are good for more casual looks. A blue checkered shirt and tie can be made to suit a variety of styles, so it's all about how you combine the two.

The simple matching is to match a blue checkered shirt with a strong bond. This creates an even, balanced look that allows the shirt to do the talking and does not create too much contrast. Saying that however, a small plaid shirt can still be used for more interesting combinations.

If you prefer to try something different, you can match a small blue checkered shirt with a tie thick stripes. The two patterns are different enough not to hit too, and complement each other instead. Remember to pay attention to the size of the two patterns, and if you can mix a small pattern with a large to keep things even.

We have mentioned that small plaid shirts controls are more formal and larger are generally more casual. This does not necessarily mean you can not match a tie with a casual shirt however, and pairing something like a thin tie with his shirt checkered create a sporty, alternative look.

Blue striped shirt

blue striped shirts are perfect for a touch of interest to a computer, while still maintaining a formal advantage. Choosing a blue shirt with white stripes can help add some versatility to your look, ensuring that can be combined with casual and formal outfits because of their clean pattern, but light colors.

For a distinctive appearance, use matching a striped shirt with a bow in a more intense, bright color. Returning to the color wheel we know that red and orange with blue match, so a draw in one of these colors can help add some pizzazz to your computer, without crashing horribly with blue.

You can also try to choose a patterned tie and ensure that the predominant color that matches the shirt. For example an orange tie with blue polka dot pattern still give an intense look, but keep the blue ground equipment and balanced.

How to choose a tie

The tie is a fashion accessory that represents the style, personality and elegance, and you can add different vibrations and looks a team. A good relationship can make a team; bad one can destroy it.

There are different types of bonds on the market, for every taste, style and occasion:

• monochrome ribbons

• Striped Ties

• links with drawings, in which various patterns can be printed

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