Dual Ways to Import Mac Outlook to Office 365: Check Out Here!

Nowadays, most of the organizations rely on cloud-based platforms due to multiple reasons such as cost, security, easy sharing etc. One of the most commonly used cloud platforms is Microsoft Office 365. Mac Outlook users are also switching from Outlook For Mac to Office 365 due to powerful security and amazing functionalities offered by Office 365. Now, users face major issue while the data migration as they are not able to find a simple yet smart way to import OLM to Office 365. Data migration from Mac Outlook OLM files to Office 365 is not an easy task as first the user has to convert Mac Outlook data into PST file format and then import PST file into Office 365.

You Must Be Thinking!

Why One Cannot Directly Import OLM to Office 365?

In Mac Outlook, all the data is saved in OLM file format whereas Office 365 support PST file format. Thus, one cannot move Mac Outlook OLM to Office 365 via any manual approach. Moreover, Microsoft does not provide any utility to import OLM to Office 365. 

Now, What to Do?

Do not worry, in this blog, we are going to introduce different methods to move Mac Outlook data to Office 365.

Manual Technique to Import OLM File to Office 365

In this section, we are going to discuss the manual method to import Mac Outlook data to Office 365. This method is divided into two steps first, the user has to convert Mac OLM data into PST file format and then import PST file into Office 365.

Step 1: Convert OLM Data into PST via IMAP Account

  1. First of all, set up a new Gmail account or existing account with IMAP settings
  2. Now, configure Mac account with the Gmail account
  3. After that, in Gmail account with IMAP setting, you need to create a Gmail label to move the data from OLM file to IMAP mailbox
  4. Once the data is migrated from OLM file to Gmail label then you have to configure the Gmail account with Microsoft Outlook account
  5. Now, you have to move all the emails from IMAP based Gmail account to MS Outlook
  6. You will be able to access OLM files in PST file format

Step 2: Import PST Files into Office 365

After converting OLM data into PST file format, you can easily import PST file into Office 365 and work with them.

Is It Reliable to Opt Manual Approach?

Most of the user search for the manual ways to import Outlook For Mac OLM to Office 365. But the manual method is associated with drawbacks such as one will be able to export other folders except Inbox, time-coming method, difficult for non-technical users to implement the method correctly. And, if the method is applied incorrectly then it can also lead to data loss issue.


Is There Any Direct Yet Trustworthy Approach to Import Outlok For Mac OLM to Office 365?

Yes, the user can rely on SysTools OLM to Office 365 Migrator to move data from Mac Outlook to Office 365. The software permits the user to import Mac Outlook 2011/2016 OLM file into Office 365. One can easily migrate OLM data including emails, contacts, tasks, calendar etc. via the tool. Moreover, the software is also capable to maintain the folder hierarchy and meta properties even after the import process. No file size limitation is associated with the utility while moving Mac Outlook OLM to Office 365. The software support Outlook 2011/2016 versions of Mac OLM file. The software also generates a complete conversion report after the conversion process. One can save the report for future reference.

Import OLM Files to Office 365 In A Hassle-Free Way!

Nowadays, due to security and data management concerns, most of the people are switching to the cloud-based platforms. Most of the Mac Outlook users are searching for a reliable yet direct way to import Mac Outlook data to Office 365. Thus, in the above section, we have explained a reliable and direct to move Mac Outlook OLM files to Office 365 in a seamless way.

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