What are the best auto vacuums of 2019?

The best auto vacuum

Why do we focus on the auto vacuum? This device brings you a lot of advantages, thanks to its lightness and incomparable mobility. Designed specifically for car cleaning, it easily fits into the glove box or trunk. Nevertheless, it is also used at the office or at home.

It can be used in all situations, either to eliminate small dirt or to make a complete polishing of your car. For connection to the power source, this can be done on a cigarette lighter or household power outlet. Otherwise, there are hand models equipped with a rechargeable battery. In this case, checking the autonomy is important. This can go up to more than 10 minutes.

Why opt for the cyclonic suction system? This cyclonic system produces a vortex to keep the dust in suspension during the operation of the device and allow it to accumulate completely in the tank. It allows a more powerful suction. By design, a self-cleaning vacuum cleaner should have the ability to suck up tiny particles and coarser residues.

Why choose a power of 12 V? You can find 14.4 V models on the market, but a power of 12 W is more than enough to regularly clean the interior of your car with a clean carpet.

What are the essential accessories? Depending on the model, several accessories can be provided, including the integrated aerodynamic brush, the large brush, the crevice nozzle, the hose, and the storage bag.

Recommended products

Philips FC6149 / 01


1. Philips FC6149-01This hand-held vacuum cleaner is ranked among the best in our comparison, thanks to its aerodynamic brush and its cyclonic airflow suction system with 2-level filtration. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery NiMH 12 V, which allows him to enjoy a range of up to 11 minutes.

It comes with a charging and storage base that can be wall-mounted or placed on a table. A cigarette lighter adapter is also provided to clean your car without the need to charge the vacuum cleaner.

It offers excellent suction power and longer service life. With its 2-level filtration system, it can keep any kind of dust inside the receptacle. It has a curved handle and rubberized guaranteeing an easy grip for the perfect cleaning of your car. It is accompanied by many accessories very practical: small and big brushes, a small and a big flat suckers, a long flexible and also, philips vacuum cleaner price in Bangadesh.

Black & Decker PD1200AV-XJ

Black + Decker PD1200AV-XJThe cyclonic action of this car vacuum cleaner price in BD keeps the cleanliness of the filter longer and benefits from more efficient suction. This model offers you the opportunity to optimally clean all areas of your vehicle, even the most difficult to access. In addition, it is equipped with a flexible hose up to 1.2 m to wirelessly turn around your car and reach the narrowest places.

Offering great ease of use, it has an opening hatch on the side, to easily empty the bowl of dust collection without getting your hands dirty. It is good and its filter is removable, which gives you the opportunity to thoroughly clean the device.

Powerful and efficient, this 12 volt Black & Decker car vacuum can work on a cigarette lighter in your car. It comes with a built-in extension brush, a suction nozzle, and a storage bag.


ELEGIANT Auto VacuumThis Elegant Wet & Dry auto vacuum does not fear moisture. With its small size (35 x 9.5 x 14 cm), it is lightweight and its compact shape, it offers great manoeuvrability to easily clean every corner of the interior of your vehicle.

It ensures a powerful suction of the residues, but it emits the least noise. It is able to suck dust, gum crumbs, cookie crumbs, rice, cigarette ash, hair and old paper in order to effectively polish your vehicle.

It plugs directly into a cigarette lighter socket, making it even easier to use. In addition, it has a long electric cable. It is easy to control, thanks to its very accessible ON / OFF buttons. It uses a HEPA Screen filter to guarantee a high filtering rate of up to 99%. This filter is washable to simplify the maintenance of your device.


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