How to find the key mistakes in trading

The retail traders start to trade the real market with great hope to make millions of dollar. Some of you might win big trades at the initial stage and this is nothing but the beginner's luck. Trading is not about finding some big winners. It’s more like finding consistency in the complex market condition. You need to develop a solid trading strategy which will eventually help you to find the best possible trades. Being a rookie trader, you have to understand the fact, more than 95% of the retail traders are losing money in the Forex market. So, how do we become a successful trader even though the majority of the retail traders are losing money? This is where you need to act smart. Finding the key mistakes in your trading strategy and revise your trading plan. Let’s learn some amazing technique which will help us to find the mistakes in our trading strategy.

Use a trading journal

You must use a trading journal or else it will be impossible to make a profit from this market. You might have extensive experience in the trading profession but this doesn’t mean you will never make any mistakes. Mistakes are often considered as blessings in the retail trading industry since it allows the retail traders to fine-tune their trading strategy. Write down the details of each trade so that you can assess your trading history during the weekend. This will help you to find the weakness in your trading system. The moment you will start writing down the details of each trade is the very moment you understand the importance of discipline.

Seek help from the pro traders

At times, you need to seek help from the pro traders at Rakuten brokers to assess your trading skills. Those who are new might not know the premium features offered by the elite class broker. Visit to learn more about the professional Forex trading environment. The pro traders can easily find the mistakes in your trading strategy just by seeing the trading journal. Seek guidance from the trained professionals and you will understand how to trade this market with proper discipline. Things might seem extremely boring but this is the only way to improve your trading skills. If required, find a professional mentor to get a clear guideline on the trading profession.

Demo trade the market

If you lose a few trades in a row, you might have to fine-tune your trading strategy. Demo trade the market when you lose more trades than expected. Backtest your trading strategy and assess the quality of your trade setups. If you still lose money in the demo account, you need to bring change to your trading strategy. Never think you can win big trades by using the same old trading system. Being a currency trader, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest market dynamics. Losing trades are nothing but learning tools. It helps you to understand the nature of this market much better.

Assess your confidence level

You must be a confident trader or else you will never succeed at trading. Trading is all about finding the quality trades in the higher time frame. The rookie traders often find it hard to execute the trade even though all the parameters are filled. You need to be a confident trader or else you will always lose money in the Forex market. Every second count when it comes to Forex trading profession. So, how do we develop our confidence level? This is where you need to focus on proper education. Without having the right skills, it’s almost impossible to find the best possible trades. If required, demo trades the market for a few months to develop your trading skills. Never trade the market with real money unless you know the perfect way to trade the complex market condition.

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