5 Beautiful Layered Bridal Lehenga Designs

The wedding season is just nearby the edge, and various brides-to-be are often confused -- Something will be the kind and color of my bridal outfit? But, making that once-in-a-lifetime choice is tough for any woman. 

Vasansi Jaipur

Vasansi Jaipur

If your choice is Lehenga, then you can decide from several lehengas available in various elements and colors for a particular event. Layered Lehengas is one such kind of lehenga style which gives unique attractions in weddings and other formal conventional gatherings due to the luxurious look and detailed work on the dresses. 

Vasansi jaipur

Vasansi Jaipur 2019

The Layered Lehenga designs are one design which gives a very stylish and trendy look. It has high-low hemline with the same materials or different fabrics being seen in the additional hemlines layered over one another. A Layered Lehenga, as the name implies, has several layers of materials on the skirt, forming flares of different sizes from top to bottom of the dress. Layered Lehengas are garments which have been inspired by the traditional Indian apparel lehenga or ghagra, that has been updated with the addition of multiple layers of cloth. A lehenga is a very long skirt that's worked and which might be pleated or gathered in the waist, giving it a different appearance. Being part of a long-standing customs of India, these dresses have experienced a series of innovations, and the influence of the many cultural elements of the nation is evident in most layouts of the lehengas or even ghagras. 

Vasansi Jaipur

Vasansi Jaipur Latest 

Now I came up with some layered Lehenga styles which wedding guests or bridesmaid can do it. Even brides can take those fashion shed outfits for their Sangeet that it Mending functions. Let's get it into it.

Layered lehengas can be found in several different types today, together with the primary classifications being carried out based on these layers. These comprise lehengas for which many layers are present on the outside and the lehengas in which the layers are inner.

Vasansi Jaipur

Vasansi Jaipur latest Collection

Layered lehengas could be composed of several distinguishing clothes and even different combinations of materials. All these outfits can be finished with layers of the same elements, such as crepe, web, cotton, and faux Georgette, to list a few. In combining different fabrics, one of the absolute most commonly used cloth is mesh, which matches one other element of the dress well and also retains the dress lightly in terms of excess weight. The designs on these lehengas range from a minimalistic design over the boundaries into detailed works around the skirt, with all the perimeter of every coating being adorned with exquisite embellishments like cut dana function, zari, zardozi, sheesha, gotta-Patti and also many additional.


Trail Layered Lehenga

Vasansi jaipur

Vasansi Jaipur Lenegha

This is one of the latest trends within the Indian marriage wear and also most of the brides choosing this to don on their unique moment. By taking up the Western imperial culture, such a route adds plenty and elegance into the designer lehengas while making these search such as couture lehengas.  

Vasansi Jaipur

Vasnasi Jaipur lehenga Collection

Even a lehenga De Void of layers is much similar to a dress devoid-of a perfect fit. Volume is your secret the moment it regards picking a marriage lehenga. Even the Lehenga should first be fitted at the waist and flaring outside until the hemline and length of Lehenga are reached in the back to secure it follows a tail. These Layered trail lehengas are mostly favored in caked weddings in enhancement to receptions since they provide the royal look with a long spine.

FishTail Layered Lehenga

Vasansi Jaipur

Vasnasi Jaipur 2019 Lehengas

They are imitating that the mermaids, these lehengas are limited in the knees and light from your calves at the kind of a fishtail. These lehengas are somewhat tighter at the hips, and the waists and hence needs to be worn out with a proper bodysuit beneath. These Fishtailed lehengas are well suited for round personalities who would like to seem trim. To bring volume to such Fishtailed Lehengas, then Layered are connected to front cut part starting at Knees, and also you may diminish the dupatta across your arms bring the star appearance.These are ideal for mehendi work and sangeet. 

Flared Layered Lehenga

Vasansi Jaipur 2019

Vasansi Jaipur Flared lehengas

Flared lehengas are one of the most typical styles of Lehengas which has wide-ranging lines. Even the Lehenga is adorned with several pleats in the aid that split as they move down. This adds an excellent deal of quantity into the Lehenga and gives a stunning look. Since it's huge with plenty of pleats, this Lehenga is changing absolutely well for most ladies since it makes them look even thinner at your midsection. 

To produce it exposing lehenga, 23 layers have been added at a top little lower height to bring the amount to it. To obtain the better look, you can go for fancy, absolute or net fabric and the bottom coating hemline using lace, zardozi or even pattu boundary that could be the best option for marriages. It's possible to fit up to these flared layered lehengas having a perfect embellished blouse, and on occasion perhaps you can go with lace type Anarkali since Deepika Padukone showcased in the BajiRao Masthani movie. 

Layer over Lehengas

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Vasansi Jaipur Recent Lehengas 

Most recent lehengas in dual-layered layout can also be befitting to create your style statement. All these lehengas have wealthy arrangements comprising with a dual-layer of fabric. As the lower layer is generally narrow and straightforward, the top level of these lehengas is adorned to improve your attractiveness. All these lehenga layouts are chosen in materials like Georgette, net, lace, chiffon, etc. and also two distinct colors can be used for improving the design impact. 

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Vasansi Jaipur best 2019

This is among the ideal most hip layered lehenga type performed by brides lately years where a layer of lightweight fabric is attached over the base coating of Lehenga, but the affection type of these layers are different. In this Layered over Lehenga style, top layers will be attached in such a way it is not going to cover the whole base coating, and the bottom surface is visible from the front or sides. In these lehenga model, support layer chosen a cloth such as Georgette, smooth cotton, Banaras, brocade and on season maybe a Kanjeevaram that provides luxurious appearance and also top layer preferred a material such as net, sheer or possibly a several patterned Kanjeevaram with contrast colour as display contradicted by Deepika Padukone from Ram-Leela in addition to in her latest movie Padmavat ghoomar tune. 

Tulle Layered Lehengas

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Vasansi Jaipur Lehenga Type

This lehenga type could have one or various layers overlaid on the back skirt at a single or different color decided upon the cream. All these Tulle Layered Lehengas as the best choice for dancing events like sangeet and reception takes extra allure accepting the fullness of the skirt. It is apt to get an inverted triangle and vertical square body contour because it provides optimum.

So, make your uncomplicated attire more stylish and charming by merely the extension of layers from the above list of trends.

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