Modern WordPress Portfolio plugins

Are you a designer or photographer looking for the easiest way to create a portfolio website in WordPress. There are many WordPress portfolio plugins that allow you to easily create beautiful portfolio websites. However, it can be difficult for beginners to find a portfolio plugin. 

In this article, we hand-picked some of the best WordPress portfolio plugins for designers and photographers. By using these portfolio plugins anyone can create an elegant looking portfolio of his own and showcase his talent to the world. 

Envira Gallery

Envira is a premium WordPress gallery plugin. This allows you to create beautiful image galleries and albums. Envira Gallery can also be seen as some of the best WordPress plugins for photographers and designers. It is being used by thousands of people around the world.

It is quite easy to create an elegant portfolio with Envira Gallery. Simply create galleries containing your portfolio items. The group gallery in the album and you're good to go. It supports many customization options where you can add your portfolio items anywhere on your WordPress site with the click of a button. 

Nimble Portfolio

Nimble Portfolio provides an easy way to add a portfolio to your WordPress site. You can create a new portfolio item where you can upload your images or other digital works.

Portfolio items are a custom post type where you will need to set the portfolio item photograph as the image pictured. Agile also allows you to group different images into filters.

The basic version of Nimble Portfolio plugin is free and comes with limited skins. For more skins and features, you will need to purchase the premium add-on offered by the developer. 

Portfolio Gallery

Portfolio Gallery is a popular, responsive and free WordPress portfolio plugin. It comes with various viewing and display options. This allows you to sort portfolio items into categories. You can also add multiple pictures/videos per project.

A downside is that the Aadhaar plugin is free but most plugin features are locked and available with the paid version. 

Projects by WooThemes

Projects is a free WordPress portfolio plugin written by the people behind WooCommerce. It is a simple and basic portfolio plugin.

The plugin comes with a custom post type for projects. You can create as many projects according to your needs and wants. It offered you to add a cover image, gallery, short and long descriptions in each and every project.

A downside is that it does not open your images in the lightbox. Clicking on each project loads the project page. Clicking on each image will reload the image as an attachment page again. 

 Custom Content Portfolio

The custom content portfolio allows you to create a very original portfolio. It allows you to add project details. Like you can enter client information, project start and finish date, website, etc.

For project images inside the project description, you will still need to add additional images. The painted image will be used as a cover image.

You will also need to configure your theme so that it displays projects in a grid layout.

We hope that this article helped you find the best WordPress portfolio plugin for designers and photographers.


The portfolio plugin simply allows you to create multiple portfolios with different projects in them. 

It is a free plugin, but most of its features are available in the locked and paid version. 

It provides a layout with only the free version. It also uses its own user interface to build a portfolio, which is fast but does not match the rest of the WordPress UI.

 NextGen Gallery

NextGen is a popular WordPress Support portfolio plugin used for creating image galleries. It can also be used to build your portfolio. You can create your own image gallery and album.

You can also tag your gallery items and display your portfolio with a lightbox popup. The free version of the plugin comes with a good balance of features and functionality. However, to get support and more features you will need a paid version.

 Portfolio by BestWebSoft

Portfolio by BestWebSoft is another popular option for the WordPress support portfolio plugin. It can work for any kind of portfolio, but it is designed to focus on web development agencies.

It has custom taxonomies for hangman and technologies. You can refer to users who have worked on a project and the technologies used in that project.


So far we have discussed some of the best WordPress portfolio plugins where we can create a beautiful and stylish portfolio suited for any kind of website. These are some of the best Portfolio plugins for photographers and designers.

You can create a beautiful portfolio for yourself and show your talent to the world. I hope that you really like this article and if you have any comments and suggestions then please don’t forget to mention in the comment box.