Increaing your Industrial & Business production and Overhead crane safety

One of the most popularly used cranes on the market: Overhead cranes. The heavy lifting capability, higher productivity level, and safety factor make them a stellar addition to many business operations all over the world. Check out this blog to know how to take your industrial production to the next level, an overhead crane could be for you. 

What is an overhead crane?
An overhead crane, obviously as the name only says, type of crane that operates overhead. These types of cranes come in a huge range of sizes, with small mobile gantry cranes sometimes being referred to using this term, just beside the large pieces of equipment that you see dominating places like shipping yards.

In common, an overhead crane is manufactured from two vertical legs that base a horizontal beam. The lifting hoist can run through the length of this beam, meaning your overhead crane isn't only restricted to lifting along one set vertical axis. 

Adaptable lifting movements
As we already said, an overhead crane is only restricted by the length of its horizontal beam or pathway. This gives it a much wider range of working, perfect for settings such as warehouses. When choosing a lifting and moving solution for your facility, consider an overhead hoist, monorail or crane. Advancements in making include enhanced precision controls and longer-lasting equipment. 

Heavy lifting capabilities
With the ability to handle great tonnes of weight, Overhead cranes can lift a great deal. Overhead lifting solutions improve efficiency productivity and safety and reduce environmental impact. This will hugely impact the productivity of your business by being able to handle a large array of different loads that you need lifting.

Increased Space
Being functional in the overhead, the crane is built into the space above you that typically goes unused in many worksites. The working criteria of overhead cranes keep your worksite below free, allowing you to make use of this space in other ways to further heighten productivity. 

Remotely operated hoists
Most importantly, your overhead crane will be adaptable with a range of different lifting hoists, helps and make capable you to maximize productivity by using varying pieces of equipment for varying situations. The lifting hoists can be operated remotely by your workers, keeping them well out of the way of any lifting operation. This is an advantage when it comes to overhead crane safety. 

Wide range of styles
Like many other industrial cranes available on the market, there isn't just one type of overhead crane : 

Custom made cranes (Built to suit with your needs)
Double girder cranes 
Single girder cranes
Underslung overhead cranes


Techland is an innovative crane manufacturing company in UAE. We are able to offer a complete service from design concept through to final commissioning and beyond. We have done this by continuously providing lifting equipment and services people can trust. As we begin introducing our services to the market, we would like to reaffirm our commitment to our founding core values, and loyalty to customers. Moreover, we stress our determination to maintain our competitive edge coupled with utmost professional and dedication upholding the highest safety standards.

We truly value your partnership and will continue to maintain our high level of reliable services, supported by our commitment to continuously finding new ways to serve you better as we jointly face the challenges that lie ahead. High level of reliable services, supported by our commitment to continuously finding new ways to serve you better as we jointly face the challenges that lie ahead. With dedicated divisions to attend to our customers with 24 hours service, we strive to provide them with affordable turnkey solutions and advice for all Heavy Lifting, Power Generation and Heavy Haulage requirements using the latest, safest and most reliable equipment’s and techniques.


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