The Four Door Beko American Fridge Freezer Review

It’s just a year when I moved to a new apartment. Buying everything new was not easy for me so I decided to buy some old and used furniture which gave me some financial help while shifting to a new house. I had a normal fridge but it was too old. Despite of filling coolant gas for more than 5 times, it never used to chill water within an hour. My fruits and vegetables which I used to keep inside also used to rot and my whole fridge used to give very bad smell. A few months earlier, I got a call from Beko and they asked me whether I needed a new fridge for my home. I was in need but I decided to go for a little research before going for a new American fridge freezer.

I did all my research on internet and even visited some of the American fridge freezer stores. Apart from this, I also went to my aunt, as she was using an American fridge freezer for more than 5 years. After discussing with her, I finally bought a new Four door Beko American fridge freezer.

I would love to say that its Indian version is the best refrigerator in India in American styles fridge freezer.

Let’s have a look at why I purchased Beko American fridge freezer.

Why I purchased four door Beko American fridge freezer?

  • Beko fridge freezer comes with plumbed water dispenser system. Due to this, it becomes easy to directly get water from fridge rather than filling water from your tap and then keeping it in fridge.
  • American fridge freezers always have both fridge and freezer due to which space inside the fridge is becomes less. I needed a fridge freezer where I can put two- three dinners inside at the same time. This used to save time as well make my weekends happier. This is why I choose Beko 4 doors American fridge freezer to get more space for all my dishes.
  • The one thing I loved most is its ice cube making feature. It always used to make ice in less than 5 minutes.
  • It is so spacious that I can fit all my 15 days grocery items inside of it and rest for the next 15 days.
  • The EverFresh+® technology keeps my fruits and vegetables fresh for longer duration of time.
  • No need of defrosting the freezer.
  • I can even use one compartment as freezer and the rest of the compartments as fridge.
  • Checking all the features and electricity bills, it is more economical than my last fridge.

Main features of the Beko American fridge freezer

I have now used it for more than 6 months and still I feel zeal in telling you that for me it is same as it was delivered to me for the first time. Its capacity is huge (541 litres) and let me tell you that if you put your groceries perfectly then you can put around 30 bags full.

Main specifications:

  • Huge capacity of 541 litres.
  • It is frost free.
  • It comes with A+ energy rating, which makes it more economical.
  • The design of doors is stylish.
  • Finish is matt-stainless steel.
  • EverFresh+® technology keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for longer duration.

Issues that I have faced till now

  • The indicator panel do not work well always.
  • The freezer was not freezing for us but I contacted the service engineer and then I came to know that since I put it inside a small dormitory that’s why I was facing that issue. In dormitory the temperature used to fluctuate a lot. Later I kept it in my kitchen and now it’s working well for me.

Why I would recommend Beko four door American fridge freezer?

I would definitely recommend this American fridge freezer because its economical and I really love its features. After buying this American fridge freezer my weekends are happy weekends and I have a lot of time for my family and friends.

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